Give Me Cosmetics is an online Hair, Skin and Beauty Brand specialising in the sale of all your skin, hair and body care needs. We launched in 2017 with the aim to flip the beauty industry on its head and represent everyday people.

Our mantra is ‘Real People, Real Results’, something we ensure is present throughout our marketing and advertising activities.

We pride ourselves on having a low staff turnover, a fantastic working culture with a collaborative approach where your voice and ideas are heard.

  • Isobel Garner

    Content Creator

    “ I like working at Give Me because everything is collaborative and we often discuss everything as a team, voting and sharing ideas. I like the creative freedom and It is exciting to try different approaches even if they don't work out. ”

  • Becca Corlett

    Senior Graphic Designer

    “ I've worked with Give Me for 5.5 years and it's the best job I've ever had! We've designed taxi livery, out of house campaigns such as billboards and had products that we've designed in the likes of Vogue! ”

  • Sam Barker

    Customer Service Advisor

    “ Give Me has afforded me the chance to navigate home life while maintaining a balanced work schedule. The office atmosphere is welcoming and conducive to a comfortable working experience when I go in. ”

  • Birthday Holiday On Us

  • Staff Discount Across Our Brands

  • Pet Friendly office

  • Medical Insurance with BUPA

  • Flexi Time

  • Free Office Parking